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Karate Nerd Insider™

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Karate Nerd Insider™

Jesse Enkamp
50 ratings

New Karate Videos Every Week To Improve Your Karate Consistently


I'm Jesse Enkamp - international Karate instructor, national team athlete, best-selling author & founder of KARATEbyJesse.

During my travels in the Karate world, I've discovered something:

Many Karate enthusiasts lack consistent input of advanced Karate knowledge.

They repeat the same moves week after week, hoping it will lead to improvement.

According to Einstein, that's insane!

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting new results." - A. Einstein (1879-1955)

Don't get me wrong...

Repetitive training is essential to Karate.

But if you do what you've always done, you'll get the results you've always gotten.

For high-level Karate, you need to practice smarter - not just harder!

The solution?

Karate Nerd Insider™ - my private online video subscription club.

Learn new Karate techniques, advanced exercises & proven training methods to supercharge your Karate...

...every single week!




People from 36+ countries are already subscribing - and they're loving it.

Why? Because it's:

 • Convenient (new episodes are automatically sent to your inbox)

 • Consistent (you get exclusive updates every single week)

 • Personal (the episodes are sent directly from me to you)

 • Motivational (positive reinforcement week after week)

 • Affordable (only 9.99 / month)

Here's what four people say:

“Jesse, I just watched the latest Karate Nerd Insider™ video and I wanted to say thank you! I am delighted to see the training tips and great recommendations to help improve some of my weaker techniques (specifically yoko-geri and kiba-dachi). I waited for a while before joining, wondering if the small fee was really worth paying. I am glad I joined, and have been very happy with just about every video since signing up. All and all, well worth the small fee and thank you again! Please keep up the great work!” - Trey Gilmore, USA

“Jesse-San, thanks for another great episode of Karate Nerd Insider™. Each week you provide helpful focused tips which allow me to develop my karate technique. What makes them so great is that they can be applied to any style and level of practitioner alongside and in partnership with regular training. Every week I can work on something new at home and in the dojo, keeping my karate fresh and progressive, my enthusiasm high and my motivation strong. Even better than that, I can go back and watch them again and again. Thank you!” - Caroline Newcombe, UK

“Karate Nerd Insider™ helps me on my way from "Martial Artist" to "Smartial Artist". I am grateful to Jesse-san for his effort and passion he puts into his videos and especially for all the information I get. I download all the videos and keep them in a special folder on my computer. The price of the videos do by far not represent their value. They’re short but full of knowledge and motivation, you always gets something new and should watch the videos more than once to extract all the information given.” - Sören Kalmarczyk, Germany

“The best birthday present I got this year was one I gave myself. It was when Jesse started his Karate Nerd Insider™ videos. And it is the gift that keeps on giving. Every week Jesse’s smiling face is in my inbox sharing his wisdom and insight. My depth of understanding of karate has developed greatly over the last few months. Jesse cares deeply about all his subscribers and often addresses questions they ask in bonus videos. This is awesome because often they were the questions I wanted answers to but never asked. My next goal is to train with Jesse in person, but for now the Karate Nerd Insider videos are the next best thing.” - Nicky Faulkner, Australia


Some episodes you've missed include:

* Knee Health Optimization for Karate

* The 1-Leg Principle of Karate Power

* Dynamic Hip Mobility for Stances

* Bunkai to White Crane ('Hakutsuru')

* 3 Keys To Improve Your Mae-Geri

* Proper Hip Rotation for Karate

* 2 Practical Knife Defense Techniques

* How Karate Experts Move Effortlessly

* How To Improve Your Back Kick

* Elastic Band Training for Karate

* MMA vs. Karate? (Guillotine Bunkai)

* Improving Your Shiko / Kiba Dachi

* How To Use Your Scapula in Karate

* My #1 Karate Breathing Exercise

* How To Get "Wave Power" in Karate


The list goes on...

(Note: Old episodes are NOT available anymore. You missed them.)

New episodes are released every week!

All you need is to subscribe.

Then sit back & relax. ;-)

I'll send you new videos every week, based on my personal training with masters around the world, including Okinawa - the birthplace of Karate.

Your belt color, skill level, style or age doesn't matter - only your desire to grow.

So - are you ready to take your Karate to the next level?

Subscribe to Karate Nerd Insider™ today!

Train smarter, not just harder.

See you on the "Inside".


PS. You can easily cancel any time.

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